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The Wonder of Woven Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

The Wonder
of Woven

Area rugs that look and feel like expensive woven wool but are as easy to clean as Annie’s signature scrub-and-rinse Dash & Albert polypropylene rugs? That is the beauty of woven PET and polyester indoor/outdoor rugs.

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So what is P.E.T., you ask? PET is a non-chemically-treated, recycled polyester that’s as earth-friendly as it is gorgeous. These rugs are so soft, you will truly be amazed that they aren’t wool! Like woven wools, they have a similar tight weave and low profile, without the stiffness that characterizes so many synthetic rugs. This makes them perfect for high-traffic areas indoors and out, and especially good in kids’ rooms, family rooms, and anywhere pets like to hang out.


Our polyester rugs – offered in a variety of stylish patterns and colors – are durable, soft, and often reversible,
washable, and scrubbable. This means you can perk up those indoor/outdoor spaces eithout sacrificing any style!

Polyester, our other manmade favorite, has the same structured yet soft quality as PET, and we especially love the saturated colors and fun fringed detail. It’s also pet-, kid-, and eco-friendly, and UV treated for fade resistance. The best part? Both P.E.T. and polyester rugs are super low-maintenance. Vacuum once or twice a week to keep them dirt-free, and if they’ve gotten the muddy paw print or spilled wine treatment, it’s no problem. Both rugs Indoor/outdoor Polyester rugs are scrubbable and hoseable, while P.E.T. is hoseable but should be spot treated by gently brushing with soapy water. Hang both to dry, and you’re done!


These recycled rugs are versatile enough to withstand the test of time as a patio rug or stand out magnificently as
an area rug in any room. If you want your patio or porch to project your personality, shop our expansive selection of outdoor rugs.

Made from recycled plastic water bottles, these soft and lightweight rugs are tough enough for any space.

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