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Picking the Perfect Pet Friendly Rug

Picking the Perfect Pet Friendly Rug

As much as we love our pets, we’re sometimes less than thrilled when we have to forgo a fabulous decorating find because Fido or Fluffy might turn it into a scrap heap.

We know exactly what each house (and pet!) can handle, so we’ve put together this handy, no-disappointment tips guide for picking the perfect pet-friendly rug:

Polyester Rugs

Our Polyester Rugs are winners in a pet-friendly home. These indoor performance rugs are incredibly easy to clean, durable, wear well, and are lightweight. Their color normally lasts longer to keep your floors looking bright and colorful! Not to mention it has a soft, wool-like texture which any pet will enjoy lounging on. Most Polyester rugs are reversible—which is helpful when it comes to pets! Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning is the way to go with indoor Polyester rugs.

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Indoor/outdoor rugs are the prince of pet-loving households. Our Polypropylene rugs are virtually chew- and scratch-proof; can take a beating from foot traffic, rough play, and tracked-in dirt; and wash up with a little detergent and some water and still look new—and we mean it! Our P.E.T. rugs are just as durable, but softer so your pet’s head can rest easy. Cleaning these rugs requires a bit more elbow grease, as it should be spot cleaned with soapy water, and can be hosed down if there are bigger stains. Let these rugs dry outside, and they’re good (and soft) as new!  Check out this video or this tutorial for cleaning an indoor/outdoor rug in a small space, like an apartment.

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Cotton Rugs

Woven cotton rugs are lightweight and easy to move around—and take outside for a good shake. They’re also durable, and the smaller sizes can often be hand washed (and hung to dry). They’re not chew- or scratch-proof, so keep an eye on young puppies or horizontal scratchers around these rugs.

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Woven wool, tufted wool, jute rugs and sisal rugs are durable, easy to vacuum, and typically easy to clean with enzymatic stain removers like Nature’s Miracle. However, old, set-in stains and repeat markings require professional attention.

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Micro Hooked Rugs

Micro hooked rugs are great for pets—and one of our most durable constructions! Hand hooked with smaller “mini” loops make the rug flatter, which helps to prevent digging claws. Micro hooked rugs require little maintenance—regular vacuuming is recommended, and for any spot cleaning, just immediately blot the area!

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Remember: Size & Placement is Key in a Pet-Friendly House

We’re crazy about a supersize rug and the dimension it adds to a space. That said, these rugs aren’t easy to move, and they’re best cleaned by professionals—important considerations if your pet is accident-prone and the rug needs frequent washing. For this reason, consider using two smaller rugs in a large space; you’ll get the same wow factor, but you won’t need to call the neighbors every time you need to move a rug. And your cleaning bill will be a lot smaller, too.

Check out this video or this tutorial for cleaning an
indoor/outdoor rug in a small space, like an apartment:

When In Doubt, Layer 

Layering rugs is not only trendy, but incredibly useful when it comes to pets. It can provide added comfort for our furbabies to lay on—either directly on the rug or on a dog bed. When it comes to cleaning, we know accidents happen. Having that added layer of protection makes it that much easier to remove the rug for a rinse off while keeping your floors protected with the other rug. We recommend not piling furniture and accessories on the rug for easy access when it’s time to give the rug a good clean.