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Rugs 101

Rugs 101:

From stair runner rug installations to how to properly care for your specific rug, we’ve got you covered.

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Indoor/Outdoor Rugs We're Loving

The most versatile rugs we offer can stand up to foot (and paw) traffic in every space of your home—both inside and out. Durable and stylish, we guarantee you’ll find one perfect for your home.

How to Install a Stair Runner

We’re famous for our stylish stair runners, which can smarten up any staircase. Find step-by-step tips & tricks for stair runners.

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Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Rug

Adding a rug to your kitchen is the best way to add warmth, character, and color to the heart of your home.

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How to Choose a Stair Runner Rug

It’s all about the material and weave of the rug—here’s a rundown of our favorites.                                                        

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RUGS 101: Picking the Right Rug for You

From cotton to jute and indoor/outdoor to wool, we detail the constructions and benefits of each breed—giving you all the information to pick the right rug for your space to start laying down the groundwork of your home (literally.)

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Why You Need a Mudroom Rug

A necessity for your mudroom—we explain why you need a durable rug in the entrance of your home, and what your best options are.

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Rug Placement Tips

We break down rug sizing and placement recommendations for every room, with Annie’s tips to make it a breeze.

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Why Rug Pads Matter

We break down all the amazing benefits of a rug pad, and where to use them.                                                                              

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Trend Alert: Black

Why choose a black rug? Besides the fact that it’s an iconic color that will never go out of style, it’s an instant way to turn spaces into totally chic. We share our customer-favorites.

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The Perfect Pet-Friendly Rug

We’ve put together this handy, no-disappointment tips guide for picking the perfect rug for your pet-friendly household. 

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How To Clean A Rug In Small Spaces

Our outdoor rugs are durable, soft, stylish, and super easy to clean! Here’s our step-by-step guide.                                                              

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Wonderful Woven Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Area rugs that look and feel like expensive woven wool AND are beyond easy to clean?! Meet our wonderful woven P.E.T. indoor/outdoor rugs.

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Top Rated Rugs

We asked, you delivered. Presenting our top-rated customer-favorite rugs!