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Choose the Perfect Kitchen Rug


Choose the Perfect Kitchen Rug

Adding a rug to your kitchen is the perfect way to add warmth, character, and color to the heart of your home.

They also add a nice amount of cushioned comfort underfoot and help combat slippery floors. If you’re worried about spills, it’s all about choosing the right construction. Read on for three tips to help you choose the perfect rug for your kitchen. When choosing your kitchen rug (or any rug!), you’ll want to keep these three criteria top of mind: Size, Color/Design, and Construction.


When choosing a rug, you’ll want to think about how much of your floor you want to cover. Ideal and popular size rugs for kitchens include traditional runners (2.5 x 8 or 12 feet), 2x3, 4x6 and 5x8.traditional runners (2.5 x 8 or 12 feet), 2x3, 4x6 and 5x8.


Runners are ideal for filling in narrow spaces, like those between a kitchen island and nearby counters. As an added benefit, long runners can also make your kitchen look bigger! 

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Large Rugs

Large rugs add warmth and offer the opportunity to showcase an eye-catching pattern and bold color palette. As a rule of thumb, we recommend leaving at least six inches of space (and no more than four times that) between the edge of your rug and the edge of your wall or cabinets.

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Color and Design

Now—the fun part! Look around the space and decide what color palette you want to add to or establish with your rug.


If your kitchen is neutral, consider adding a pop of color or pattern to the room for visual appeal and character.

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Stripes are timeless and classic while diamond and herringbone patterns offer just a touch of contemporary charm. You really can’t go wrong when it comes to choosing a patterned rug for your kitchen.

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Since your rug will live in a high-traffic area and be prone to spills and other kitchen messes, you’ll want to choose a rug that’s stylish yet super-durable.

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

In this case, look no further than indoor/outdoor rugs, or those constructed of polypropylene or PET (recycled polyester). These rugs are ultra-durable and are a breeze to clean! Scrub them, bleach them, hose them off, and they’ll look like new in no time!

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