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The Luxurious Bedding Look

The Luxurious
Bedding Look

How to make a designer-worthy bed.

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Take it From the Top

Start with high-quality sheets and coverings that feel as elegant as they look. Not sure which fabric suits you best? Take a look at these elegant options below:


As the top fabric used by aristocrats for centuries, it’s no secret why this soft and romantic textile is a must for any luxurious bed.

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This elegant material is softly stonewashed and textured for a great night's sleep, and drapes beautifully.

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Silken Solid

Made of luscious TENCEL® fabric, Silken Solid is softer than silk, cooler than linen, and just as luxe as velvet.

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White Sheets =
A Classic Look

There’s a reason why every luxurious hotel bed is made in all-white bedding!

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Bed-Ed 101: 10 Ways to Keep Your White Bedding White

Keep your crisp white sheets and bedding looking pristine with these 10 helpful tips!

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Add the Finishing Touches

For an extra lush, welcoming touch, drape a throw blanket or bed scarf over the lower third of your finished bed. Besides adding another layer of warmth when you need it, it offers another easy-to-change decorative element whenever you want it.

Add Style with Shams

Cover your pillows with decorative shams that match or complement your bed coverings! All beds should get a finishing touch with accent pillows. Play with different shapes, sizes, and textures.

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Endless Style Options

Whether you’re looking for all-white elegance or need to add some pops of color, read on for even more tips for a luxe bedroom look.

Try adding pattern with your curtains and headboard

Bring blues and sand together for a beachy-keen vibe. Even better—match your curtains and headboard for a tailored look.

Ways to Display 

You can cover the entire surface of the bed with your quilt or coverlet, or fold the top of the covering back to create a decorative collar below your pillows. It’s best not to fold back bedspreads, as they’re designed to do a full cover-up. You can use a duvet as your only covering, or layer one on top of a quilt or coverlet for added warmth. To layer your duvet, spread it over the first blanket, then fold it back so it covers only the lower half of the bed. This technique creates depth and dimension in your bed's design, and keeps you cozy when temperatures dip.