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Ivory V. White Sheets

Ivory V. White Sheets:

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Neutral bedding, like whites and ivories, know how to complement almost any design style or décor. Not to mention they give off an elegant, timeless backdrop for accent colors and prints. And neutral has a knack for looking fresh in every season. So when it comes down to choosing between the two, it can be a tough decision.

What to Consider

Before adding sheets and comforters to your shopping cart, consider a few design factors to help you narrow your choice between white and ivory bedding:

Natural Light: If you have lots of windows to welcome in the sun and natural light, then you would be fine going with either color bedding. If there’s a shortage of natural light, white bedding will make the room feel brighter. 

Wall color: Most colors complement both white and ivory, but some hues do better than others. The secret is to contrast or complement, but not clash. For example, if you have yellow walls you’ll want to stay away from ivory bedding—the colors are too similar and could clash. White, on the other hand, would provide a pleasing contrast.

Style of furniture and decor: While the style of furniture throughout your bedroom doesn't have to dictate the color of your bedding, it may help you decide which is more suitable. Traditional furniture and décor pair well with the classic look of ivory, while minimalist and modern bedroom designs tend to look better with pure white bedding. 

White: Pros & Cons


• Can brighten up the room
• Provide a clean, crisp aesthetic
• Makes the room look more open and less cluttered


• Can look sterile and cold
• Needs to be cleaned often to maintain a fresh appearance

Ivory: Pros & Cons


• Create a warm, romantic ambiance
• Pairs well with vintage decor and antique furnishings
• Soften the look of the space


• Can look yellowish or faded
• May appear outdated in modern rooms

Still having trouble deciding?

Take our quiz below to help match your personality and taste to the shade that’s right for you—dreamy cream or snowy white.

Quiz: White or Ivory—Which Bedding Color Suits You Best?

Select your response to each question below, then tally your answers for your results.

Now, count how many times you chose answers next to the number 1 and how many times you chose answer number 2.

• If you have more 1’s than 2’s, ivory bedding will likely suit your style sensibilities better than white.

• If you have more 2’s than 1’s, then fresh white linens are your best bet.

• If you have an equal number of 1’s and 2’s, then either white or ivory will work for you – the choice is yours!