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Choose Between a Duvet Cover, Quilt and Coverlet


Choose Between a Duvet Cover, Quilt and Coverlet

When it comes to bedding, the options are literally endless. When building the perfect bed, take into account what would benefit you—
and that starts with the bedding topper. We explain the differences between a duvet, quilt, and coverlet, and what will work best for you.

What is a Duvet Cover: A Dexterous Solution

Slip into something ever so versatile—that’s the beauty and convenience of a duvet cover. A duvet cover is much like a pillowcase that slips easily onto and off a pillow (in this case, the duvet insert). Two pieces of fabric come together with the help of hidden zippers, ties or buttons to create a cover that slips over an insulated duvet insert. The result? A warm and fluffy bed covering.

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When you’re ready for a style refresh, just slip off the duvet cover and swap it out for another. Ta-da! You’ve just found an economical way to welcome in a new season or introduce a new color palette into your room. Duvet covers are often doubly dexterous, as many are reversible. And they’re a dream to wash and dry.

What is a Quilt: Artwork for Your Bed

Quilts are evocative bed coverings—women have sewn quilts for generations, often as gifts to mark life’s milestones. Many become family heirlooms. Quilts are coverings in triplicates: a woven cloth back, an interior layer of batting for warmth, then and a woven top.

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What is a Coverlet: Cozy Yet Light

Coverlets are proof that warmth need not weigh you down. Unlike duvet covers, which cover a third layer, and quilts, which contain a third layer, coverlets have just two layers of fabric so that they’re lightweight. Use a coverlet on its own in warmer months, or as a companion to your quilt or duvet in cooler weather. You can even use your favorite coverlets as throw blankets on your bed or sofas.

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How to Style Your New Bedding


Drape a quilt or coverlet casually over your bed.


Toss a bed scarf or throw across the coverlet, injecting more texture and complementing colors.


Add a comforter to your coverlet in cooler weather.


Create different color and pattern themes with the duvet covers you choose.


Build a color theme around the quilt you choose.


Once you have the pieces you love, you’re ready to learn how to make a bed that looks and feels like heaven.

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