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Custom Rugs 101

We understand that every space is unique, and our custom rug program ensures a perfect fit. Choose from 100+ offerings in a variety of fibers and constructions – such as wool, sisal, performance polyester, and indoor/outdoor polypropylene.


Successful rug placement is all about finding the correct proportion for the space. A custom rug enables you to get it right – even in oversized, square, or oblong rooms.
– Annie Selke

Set Yourself Up for Success

Ready for a perfect fit? Follow our step-by-step guide to order a custom rug just for your unique space.

Step 1: Order Swatches

to preview colors and styles. Not sure which type of rug you need? Visit our Rug Breeds page to pick the right rug – in the right material – for your space to see the benefits of each fiber. We recommend seeing a swatch in the space before placing a custom rug order to ensure that you'll be pleased with your purchase.

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Step 2: Measure –

Not once, but twice, to determine the exact length and width you need. Custom size rugs are not returnable, and are not meant to be used as wall-to-wall carpeting. Consult our measuring guide, or better yet: have a professional measure for your custom rug area (especially for stair runners).

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  • Note that our custom rugs have a 2-inch tolerance, meaning they may vary by +/- 2 inches from the specified length and/or width, depending on the pattern and/or construction. For more information on rug tolerance, visit our Frequently Asked Questions and read more under "Custom Rugs".
  • The minimum size for a custom rug is 25 square feet.
  • The maximum length is 30 feet and the maximum width varies between 13-15 feet. Check the details for each rug online.
  • For custom stair runners, we strongly recommend consulting a professional. Every staircase is unique and custom rugs are not returnable.
  • If multiple rugs are being used in the same room or staircase, let your customer service or sales rep know! We'll make sure you have consistent patterns and dye lots.

Step 3: Add a Custom Rug Pad

To protect your investment. Rug pads are important, and custom size rug pads are not sold separately.

Step 4: Place Your Order!

We offer free freight shipping on all custom area rugs, and white glove delivery on all orders over 200 square feet.

Order yours today!

Top Tips for Custom Rug Design

When it comes to a rug, size and placement matter. Get the perfect custom fit with these helpful tips.




Good - A 5x8 will anchor a queen bed.

Better - An 8x10 accomodates a queen bed and nightstands.

Perfect - A custom rug pulls the entire space together by filling out the room.

Need More Help with Rug Placement?

You've found the rug of your dreams, and you're ready to make the purchase. But before you do, you need to know for certain what size to order, and how you can arrange it in your space once it arrives. We break down rug sizing and placement for each room in the house.

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Designers on Custom Rugs

Bunny Williams

“A few extra inches here or there can make a big difference in how the room comes together and its overall feel.”
– Bunny Williams

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Erin Fetherston

“This room is a perfect square, and I really wanted to design the furniture layout to highlight the existing symmetry in the space, therefore we needed a perfectly square rug. I was delighted to turn to Annie Selke for a custom-size wave sisal rug. To add depth and warmth, I love layering a higher pile rug – like the Zillah rug – on top. This helps focus the seating area and feels amazing underfoot."
– Erin Fetherston

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Jana Bek

“When I realized a custom rug could increase the livable space of our open plan living room so much, I got very excited about custom rugs – I regret not doing it sooner.”
– Jana Bek

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Claire Brody

“For our space, it was either a custom runner or no runner at all. A custom-cut rug is always going to look better.”
– Claire Brody

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