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  • Wallpaper Rolls Collection

    Wallpaper is one of the best options for making a statement around the house. You can use wallpaper rolls to create an accent wall in the living room or bedroom, for instance, or cover an entire room in wallpaper to totally transform its look and give it a whole new vibe. 

    Featuring a blend of one-of-a-kind print wallpaper derived from original Annie Selke designs, as well as textured grasscloth wallpaper you'll love to touch, our wallpaper collection—floral wallpaper, colorful wallpaper, or animal print wallpaper—will enhance your home.

  • Picking the Perfect Wallpaper for Your Home

    The Annie Selke wallpaper collection features a wide range of styles and designs to suit people of all different tastes. You might love flowers and nature, for example. In which case, we recommend some of our floral wallpaper swatches and rolls, featuring beautiful designs inspired by the world around us and brought to life with soft, neutral, earthy tones of browns and greens.

    If you're more of a pattern person, you might like to consider some of our patterned wallpaper with chinoiserie, dots, lattice, and beads designs that repeat again and again across the walls, catching the eye of any guest who steps into the space. Our animal print wallpapers can be a great option for animal lovers and work particularly well in kids' rooms and play spaces, while our textured wallpaper range features stunning grasscloth designs that can add a whole new dimension to your living room.

    Perhaps you prefer something more simple and austere. In that case, our solid wallpaper designs or striped wallpaper rolls can be the right option, covering a statement wall in a block of color or timeless striped style that will never go out of fashion! Or, if you love colors and want something that can really transform a space, our colorful wallpaper and paisley wallpaper may be just what you need.

  • Enhance Any Space with the Best Wallpaper

    No matter whether you opt for textured wallpaper, patterned wallpaper, print wallpaper, you'll get the best quality wallpaper crafted from the finest materials. We recommend getting wallpaper swatches when first planning your room in order to pick the perfect style, and then ordering the wallpaper rolls when it's time for the decorating to truly begin. Take your walls to greater heights and check out our full range of wallpapers.