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  • Rug Pads

    Rugs are a great addition to any home, but there's always the risk of them slipping out from under your feet or moving around due to heavy foot traffic. That's why you need rug pads. Sitting beneath your rugs, non-slip rug pads and floor protectors help to prevent your rugs from moving around as you walk across them.

    You'll find high-quality rug underlays and rug grippers by Dash & Albert here at Annie Selke. Available in various colors and sizes, from small rug pads to large rug padding sheets, our washable rug pads can help to protect your rugs, your floors, your family,  and yourself from any accidents or unfortunate slips and falls!

  • Protect Your Home with High-Quality Rug Padding

    Non-slip rug pads bring a peace of mind and perfect placement assurance in your home. Pair Dash & Albert rug pads at Annie Selkie with your home's indoor and outdoor rugs to give each one a strong, solid grip on the ground beneath. This way, your rugs will stand firm and remain in position, no matter what.

    Rug pads can really help to make homes safer and reduce the risk of slips and slides. Simply slide a rug pad underneath your existing rug for a dependable, gripping barrier between the rug material and the floor, particularly wood floors or laminate floors. This is ideal for those big area rugs in the living room, as well as small rugs and runner rugs in halls and stairs.

  • Buy the Best Pads for Rugs at Annie Selke

    Our rugs and rug pads are of the highest standards here at Annie Selke. Our rug pads are available in a huge range of sizes, from as small as 2" x 3" all the way up to big rug pads of 12" x 20", perfect for the largest rugs around your house. They're great for use in any space, as well, so you can use indoor rug pads in spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, as well as outdoor rug pads for decks and patios.

    If you’re worried about matching your home's existing theme and décor, our rug pads come in different colors from simple white and cream rug pads to gray rug pads. Each one is designed from high-grade materials to offer a reliable non-slip grip on all popular floor surfaces. With these rug pads in position, you won't ever need to worry about wool, cotton, viscose, or other rugs slipping around the room.