Bright Rugs & Bright Area Rugs

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  • Bright Rugs & Bright Area Rugs

    Liven up your home—and your life—with one of the many bright rugs available at Annie Selke. Our collection of bright rugs from Dash & Albert is filled with color and vibrancy, including colorful area rugs, bright outdoor area rugs, and more. There's nothing quite like a lively, colorful rug to transform a simple or tired space into something much more warm and welcoming.

    Whether you're looking for bright colorful rugs to jazz up the bedrooms and bathrooms, bright outdoor rugs to enhance your patio or other outside spaces, or bright colorful area rugs to provide the perfect finishing touch for your new living room design, we have it all.

  • Choosing the Best Bright Rugs for Your Home

    You'll find bright rugs in all kinds of hardworking materials here at Annie Selke, including bright area rugs in wool, cotton, jute, PET, and polyester, too. Our bright wool rugs are great options for family homes, as they’re super soft to the touch and adds real warmth to any room. Bright cotton rugs, meanwhile, work well in kids' rooms, thanks to their easy-clean nature.

    If you're looking for bright colorful outdoor rugs, you'll love our PET and polypropylene rugs; they're designed from tough, strong fibers, ready to withstand changing temperatures and heavy traffic with ease. Our bright colorful rugs made of jute are another great option for your home, crafted from eco-friendly materials and designed to withstand boots, paws, and playful kids for years of use.

  • Liven Up Your Life with Bright Colorful Rugs


    Once you've picked the perfect material for your bright outdoor area rugs or living room rugs, you can start thinking about your ideal sizes and styles. We offer a wide range of size options to suit every possible need and space in your home. You can choose one of our small bright rugs to fill little alcoves and entryway nooks around the home, or big bright area rugs for large bedrooms and living spaces.

    You can also select from a beautiful range of bright area rugs styles and patterns, including bright striped rugs with eye-catching tones of blue, pink, green, and yellow, abstract rugs with a rainbow of colors, or Moroccan-style bright rugs with intricate woven patterns. Whatever brightly colored layer you’re looking for your floors, our lively rug selection will bring a happy dose of color—and a smile!—to your home.