• Decorative Throw Pillows

    Tossing a fabulous throw pillow (or two or three) onto a sofa, bed, porch swing or your favorite fireside chair is a fabulous way add eye-catching layers of texture, pattern and color into a space, indoors or out. Annie Selke decorative throw pillows are offered in a plethora of shapes, sizes, colors and fabrics. You’ll find everything from hue-imbued brights to understated neutrals, artisan embroidered pillows to outdoor pillows that are as stylish as they are durable. When it comes to using decorative pillows, we follow the maxim that more is more. If you stick within a color scheme, you can layer shapes, patterns and fabrics to your heart’s content. Sheepskin pillows add sumptuous texture during colder months, while linen pillows are year-round fabulous. Toss on a decorative lumbar pillow for a different silhouette, while fringed and embroidered pillows add a touch of boho style. Change up your pillows for a quick seasonal update: shift from a palette of deep, rich blues, for example, to brilliant gold throw pillows to add festive sparkle.